• To prevent the cruelty, abuse, or neglect of Fox Terriers

  • To enhance the lives of our adopters by adding unconditional love to their lives

  • To provide rescue services, rehabilitation, and medical treatment for Fox Terriers  

  • To place rescued Fox Terriers in appropriate homes

  • To furnish information, education, and support to Fox Terrier owners
Wire Fox Terrier
Smooth Fox Terrier
Dedicated to finding the perfect home for
   every adoptable homeless Fox Terrier
Sister Alice Marie, Rocky, & Sister Angela Marie
We met this little guy
three years ago
on the internet.
It was love at first sight.

The waiting period was
long for Sue and Doug
to give their ok.
But as luck would have it,
you became ours on
October 13, 2009.

It was strange for you and us.
You in a new home and
us having four paws run
through the house.

Before long, you took over
and we spoiled you to pieces.
We thought at first you were
seven but in reality you were

No matter who you met,
people knew, there was
something special about

When it was time to eat,
you waited and knew you
would be served.
Through PATIENCE we too
Would succeed in all we do.

When you did something wrong
And you knew it;
you accepted the reprimand that
was given and before long, you
came back to us as if to say,
"I'm sorry."
The lesson is loud and clear;
don't hold on to grudges,
be ready to forgive.

Your LOVE was outstanding.
It's something how you knew
when one of us was upset or not
feeling well.
You were there at our side.
Help us also, to be there for
others as you were for us.

You brought us HAPPINESS
by your prescence.
The way you ate, slept and
moved, caused us to smile
and even to chuckle.
LAUGHTER is truly the
opposite of sadness and worry.

Somehow you knew there was
One mightier than you.
For when we couldn't find
you were there in front of the
Just you and God.

It is true when you hear
that a pet is special.
You taught us so much
And we thank you for that.

Rocky, you were an Angel.
Sent from above to remind us
how to LOVE.
We'll miss you, that's for sure
But we know that you are near,
In our thoughts and in our

~Sister Angela Marie
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We are a group of unpaid volunteers that foster Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers and are devoted to finding them forever homes. All our
dogs are in foster homes or with their families. We do not have a shelter. We work together in a network (American Fox Terrier
Rescue, Inc.) of caring people throughout the U.S.and Canada who love Fox Terriers. As members of American Fox Terrier Rescue,
Inc.(a 501c-3 non-profit organization) we cover NJ, PA, MA, and NY State. We also help the Foxies in these states as well: CT,RI,
NH,VT & ME.  Please remember we are all volunteers with jobs, families, and personal commitments. We ask that you be patient. We
will answer e-mails and phone calls as quickly as possible. We know how anxious you are to adopt a new friend, but please be
considerate when waiting to hear from us.

Fox Terrier Rescue takes in Smooths and Wires from shelters, puppy mills, strays, and owner relinquishes. We help dogs who have
lost their homes through divorce or death of their owners, owner relocation, birth of a baby, not getting along with housemates,
retirement, job changes, medical or behavior issues......the reasons are numerous. And, most of the time it is due to no fault of the dog.
Many come from wonderful homes, but through life changes, the Foxie is in need of a new home.

First, don't wait until the problem escalates into something serious. If you have purchased a puppy/dog from a reputable breeder,
call them and ask for suggestions and help.  A reliable breeder, will be able  to work with you and your dog to eliminate the problems
or will take their dog back if needed.

If you did not get your Fox Terrier from a responsible breeder, then you have a bigger challenge. Commercial and "backyard"
breeders are primarily interested in making money. There is little knowledge of the breed or of the dog's needs. In many  cases, the
family finds out too late that this cute little "fuzz ball" is not a lap dog. But instead, they have a ball of energy who needs lots of
attention and exercise. Most Fox Terriers remain active throughout their entire life and require time for exercise. If this is not possible
in your schedule, then both you and the dog might be happier if she is in another home.

Education is the key. Knowing the Fox Terrier temperament and needs can make a big difference. With help, many problems can be
eliminated. Sometimes if the problems are serious, a professional trainer or behaviorist should be contacted. Like raising a child,
having a Fox Terrier in your life takes time, patience, and commitment.

If you are having problems with your Fox Terrier, please contact us right away. We are always willing to help in any way we can. Our
first choice is to keep the dog with his family. If that is not possible, then we will work together to find a new home for your dog.
Sister Angela Marie, Brian, & Sister Alice Marie
In 2008, Sister Alice and Sister Angela saw Rocky, a 9 yr Smooth Fox on Petfinder....it was love at first sight.
Sister Alice had animals around her since she was a child, while this would be Sister Angela's first dog. After
meeting him on a home visit, they knew that he was the boy for them....and so did we! They adopted Rocky and
everyone was happy....especially Rocky. He was one spoiled little boy with more toys, coats, and beds than any
dog could wish for. They loved sweet Rocky and when he went to The Rainbow Bridge in 2012, they were
devastated. Rocky was so special to them, that Sister Alice wrote two books about him....Rocky's Forever Home
& Woofs, Whiskers, and Wags: Tales of Rocky's Brave Heart. Also, Sister Angela wrote a beautiful poem: We
Love You, Rocky....dedicated to their beloved pup.

Although they missed Rocky everyday, they needed and wanted to save another Smooth Fox. So on Nov.18,'12,
they adopted Brian, a 5 yr old Smooth. Again, they loved and spoiled their new little boy. Brian is not only their
best friend, but their constant companion...,always warming a lap or just being close by their side. He
accompanies them on trips to the bank, store, or to the doctor's office. Everyone loves Brian and knows that he
is a very special part of the Sisters' lives. Unfortunately, there has been a life change that Sister Alice and Sister
Angela were not expecting....they are being transferred and cannot take their beloved Brian with them. Again,
they are devastated. So, we are starting the search to find a new home for Brian. Sister Alice and Sister Angela
would like to be part of the process, so we are hoping to find another wonderful home for sweet Brian soon.
However, they do want their boy with them until they leave for their new assignment the end of Ju

So if you are looking for a sweet, loveable little boy that will be your very best friend and companion, please
contact admin@foxterrierrescue.info.

Adoption requirements for Brian: 1) a secure fenced in yard   2) no other dogs or cats   3) children must be 10 or