• To prevent the cruelty, abuse, or neglect of Fox Terriers

  • To enhance the lives of our adopters by adding unconditional love to their lives

  • To provide rescue services, rehabilitation, and medical treatment for Fox Terriers  

  • To place rescued Fox Terriers in appropriate homes

  • To furnish information, education, and support to Fox Terrier owners
Wire Fox Terrier
Smooth Fox Terrier
Dedicated to finding the perfect home for every adoptable homeless Fox Terrier
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We are a group of unpaid volunteers that foster Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers and are devoted to finding them forever homes. We
work together in a network (American Fox Terrier Rescue, Inc.) of caring people throughout the U.S.and Canada who love Fox
Terriers. As members of American Fox Terrier Rescue, Inc.(a 501c-3 non-profit organization) we cover: NJ, PA, MA, NY State, CT, RI,
NH, VT, & ME.  When needed, we also help the volunteers and Foxies in all the other states. Please remember we are all volunteers
with jobs, families, and personal commitments. We ask that you be patient. We will answer e-mails and phone calls as quickly as
possible. We know how anxious you are to adopt a new friend, but please be considerate when waiting to hear from us.

Fox Terrier Rescue takes in Smooths and Wires from shelters, puppy mills, strays, and owner relinquishes. We help dogs who have
lost their homes through divorce or death of their owners, owner relocation, birth of a baby, not getting along with housemates,
retirement, job changes, medical or behavior issues......the reasons are numerous. And, most of the time it is due to no fault of the
dog. Many come from wonderful homes, but through life changes, the Foxie is in need of a new home.

First, don't wait until the problem escalates into something serious. If you have purchased a puppy/dog from a reputable breeder, call
them and ask for suggestions and help.  A reliable breeder, will be able to work with you and your dog to eliminate the problems or will
take their dog back if needed.

If you did not get your Fox Terrier from a responsible breeder, then you have a bigger challenge. Commercial and "backyard" breeders
are primarily interested in making money. There is little knowledge of the breed or of the dog's needs. In many cases, the family finds
out too late that this cute little "fuzz ball" is not a lap dog. But instead, they have a ball of energy who needs lots of attention and
exercise. Most Fox Terriers remain active throughout their entire life and require time for exercise. If this is not possible in your
schedule, then both you and the dog might be happier if she is in another home.

Education is the key. Knowing the Fox Terrier temperament and needs can make a big difference. With help, many problems can be
eliminated. Sometimes if the problems are serious, a professional trainer or behaviorist should be contacted. Like raising a child,
having a Fox Terrier in your life takes time, patience, and commitment.

If you are having problems with your Fox Terrier, please contact us right away. We are always willing to help in any way we can. Our
first choice is to keep the dog with his family. If that is not possible, we will then work together to find a new home for your dog.