SPECKLES is a sweet 15 yr old Springer Spaniel. After two deaths in the family, Speckles's mom had to move and sadly could not take her.
Speckles enjoys a lap to lie on, a gentle hand to massage her face & ears, and kisses on the top of her head. She loves going for a walk and
just hanging out with her family.

Speckles is an easy girl to have around and wants nothing more than to have someone to love her. She is completely house trained and
hasn't had a single accident in foster care. Speckles is looking for a warm, loving home and a special family where she can spend her "Golden

She is UTD on routine shots, house trained, crate trained, and walks nicely on a leash.
RUSSELL is a sweet senior Smooth Fox. His family just didn't want him anymore. He spent most of his time outside or just separated from
everyone.This was very difficult for Russell since he is such a social, affectionate boy who loves being around people.

Russell likes to go for long walks and bask in the sun. He enjoys spending his spare time just hanging out with his human...an always by your
side kind of guy.....a real lap dog. Russell knows: stay, sit, let’s go out and his all time favorite…."come get a cookie!" He used to live with other
dogs, but please no cats for him. Russell enjoys car rides and is always up for a new adventure. He is a happy boy who would love to be your
new best friend and an important part of your family.

Since coming into rescue, Russell has had a complete exam including: all shots updated, blood work, urinalysis, heartworm test, and a dental.
He is a very healthy boy with a beautiful smile! Russel is house trained and crate trained.

Adoption requirements: 1) fenced in yard   2) children must be 10 or older  3) his new home must be in the northeast.

OZZIE is an adorable 11 month old male Smooth. He is an extremely friendly pup who loves everyone he meets. Ozzie is a sweet, smart, little
boy who is filled with puppy energy and is in constant motion. He loves to run and run and run. Ozzie’s favorite game is fetch which he will
gladly do many times a day. He knows “get it” and will bring the ball back eventually dropping it near you. He will then eagerly wait for the next
toss. However, the breeze, a leaf, or a butterfly can get his attention and the game stops....for just a minute and then its back on! Ozzie also
loves all things that squeak. But surprisingly, he much rather play with them then chew them up. He is still very much a puppy investigating
every twig and pinecone with a constant wagging tail. Ozzie is a busy boy, but will always find time for some hugs & puppy kisses.

Ozzie MUST have a secure fenced yard and an active family (children must be 10 or older) who will spend a lot of time playing with him and
going for long daily walks. He also needs to be an only dog so that he can get all the attention he deserves. Ozzie is a quick learner and would
definitely benefit from obedience classes.

Ozzie is UTD on shots, neutered, crate trained, almost house trained, and rides well in the car. His new home must be in the northeast.
SUSIE is a happy 10 yr old female Wire. She has lived with an elderly couple her entire life. Due to a recent loss, they can no longer give her
the attention she needs.

Susie is a ball of energy that will greet you each morning with affection. Her loving personality and comical actions make her the perfect dog
for anyone willing to give her attention. Susie loves to play with her many toys and will usually keep herself entertained, but needs human
interaction. She is a graduate of Pet Smart obedience training and knows the commands sit and beg. Susie has come from a very caring home
and is accustomed to going for walks everyday. Although she will often get distracted, she does not pull. Other dogs do not appreciate her
boundless energy and she has trouble making friends, so she would do best with an active family with no other dogs. Neighborhood children
often come by to play with sweet Susie.

Susie is UTD on routine shots, spayed, house trained, and microchipped. Her new home must be in the northeast.
ROCKY is an adorable 9 year old Smooth Fox. He is an energetic, loveable, affectionate boy who brings a lot of joy to his family.
Unfortunately, his family has grown, and Rocky is not fond of his young human siblings.They get him too excited and invade his space.

Rocky loves to go for walks, run at the dog park, and play with his toys. He will play fetch with a ball for hours and knows to "drop it." Rocky is
extremely fast and looks beautiful when he has the opportunity to run at full speed in a large fenced in area. Rocky loves to cuddle and will
always prefer your lap if it's available. If it isn't, he will get as close to you as possible. He sleeps in the bed at night and rather be under the
covers. Every once in a while, he will sneak up to your pillow and lay right behind your head. Because of his great love for his humans, Rocky
prefers not to be left alone for long periods of time. He does like to spend his spare time outside...exploring, chasing butterflies, or just chilling
on his favorite chair.

Rocky is UTD on routine shots, neutered, housetrained, and knows sit, lay down, give me your paw, speak, roll over, and drop it.

CINDY is a sweet natured 10 yr. old female Wire who surely does not act her age. She is full of life and energy. Cindy is always ready to play
fetch and tug on her toys. When she is not playing, she loves to cuddle and give sweet doggie kisses. Cindy has spent her entire life with her
mom, who unfortunately can no longer take care of her.

Cindy is UTD on routine shots, spayed, house trained, crate trained, and will sit for a treat.

If you like to walk, go for hikes, or a car ride, this is the girl for you! Cindy would love to be your new best friend.

******* This is a courtesy posting. Cindy is not in American Fox Terrier Rescue. She is living in NJ with a family member. ********
BARNABY and RUFUS are sweet 9 year old male Wires. These two boys have been together since puppyhood. Therefore, this bonded pair
will need to be placed in the same forever home. Since Barnaby and Rufus were the pride and joy of their mother who sadly passed away, a
new home filled with love is a must for these two boys. They have a very strong prey instinct, so they will need to be in a home without
another dog, cat, or other animals. Barnaby and Rufus have always had a dog door leading to a fenced back yard where they loved to romp
and explore. However, they also love to go for long walks or a ride in the car. They will definitely let you know when the mailman or UPS driver
is nearby. Barnaby and Rufus love to grab a patch of sunshine for a quick nap, but are the happiest sitting on a lap for snuggles and cuddles.

Barnaby and Rufus are UTD on routine shots, neutered, crate trained, housetrained, and know sit and beg.

They are being fostered in MA. Their new home must be in the northeast.
FOZZIE is a 7 yr old Wire Fox Terrier. He has been with his family since he was 3 months old. Unfortunately, due to changed family
circumstances, Fozzie can no longer get the daily attention he so desperately needs. His family truly regrets this decision, but feel it will be
better for Foz.

Fozzy loves people and is great with older children. He loves to play ball, run, and be with you. He will stay by your side as much as he can.
Consistent with the breed, Foz is inquisitive, playful, and energetic. He will get excited when you come home and would prefer that you wouldn't
leave him. Fozzie currently has access to a long driveway and a grassy area, but dreams of a fenced in yard (no electric or invisible fence)
where he can use his energy to run and play. He would benefit from a family (Wire experience preferred) that can take him for daily walks,
rides in the car, and give him lots of playtime. Foz loves to relax outside in the sun, in bed, or on your lap. However, he is very afraid of
fireworks, thunder, vacuum cleaners, and other really loud noises.

Fozzie is UTD on routine shots, neutered, house trained, and knows sit, stay and down.

Foz is looking for an active family (children must be 10 or older), where he can get all the attention he wants. Although he gets along with
some bigger dogs, an only dog home would be best for Foz. (no cats, please!) His new home must be in the northeast.

JEFFY is a sweet 11 yr. old Wire Fox Terrier who makes an awesome companion for whomever is with him. Unfortunately, due to the death of
his family members, Jeffy is looking for new home. Loyal and happy, Jeffy is most content being with his family and lying by their side. He also
enjoys playing or exploring, just as much as he likes greeting you merrily with his ever wagging tail. Jeffy is best as an only child where he
doesn't have to share his affection for you or yours for hiim. He is great around children of all ages. Most of all, Jeffy just wants to "hang out"
with whomever is in his company. He is a wonderful guy who just wants another family to love and care for him.

Jeffy is house trained. UTD on routine shots, microchiped, and enjoys going for walks

DEXTER  is an adorable 4 yr. old Smooth Fox Terrier with a ton of energy and spunk. His first owner had no time for him so he was passed
around from place to place…4 homes in 4 years!!! Dexter was previously being kept in the garage, spending a large portion of his time stuck
in a crate with little to no social interaction.

Dexter loves to be around the action and is constantly seeking adventure such as going on trips in the car, long walks and hikes, or by
running alongside you on short bike rides. He is an extremely people friendly guy and loves to meet and greet on his walks. Dexter knows he’s
cute and loves when people acknowledge him. He’s always up for a game of tug, but as much as he likes your company, Dexter is often
content with keeping himself entertained. Dribbling a tennis ball up and down the stairs, or playing with his squeaky chipmunks are his
favorites things to do. He also loves to hang out on the couch while you watch TV and wake you up in the morning for cuddles in bed.  
Although Dexter prefer that you didn’t leave him for a long time during the day, he can be left on his own as long as he’s had exercise and has
a comfortable spot to nap. Dexter is a smart pup and loves interactive challenges, such as making him guess which hand you have hidden his
treat. Although he is 4, he remains a puppy at heart and can get excited because the world is still so new to him. Dexter is still learning how to
behave around other dogs and is working on walking nicely on a leash. He’s very aware of his surroundings and will let you know whenever
someone passes by the house or comes in and out. So, it’s best to keep Dexter occupied instead of just letting him sit by a window.

Dexter is UTD on routine shots, house trained, neutered, and knows sit, stay, lay down,’ paw/other paw, and leave it. A fenced in yard is a

WALLY(7yrs old) is a wonderful guy with a sweet personality. He loves to run and explore in a secure fenced area. Filled with terrier energy,
Wally would love to have an active family who will take him for long daily walks, hiking, or jogging. Or, he would be happy to relax on the couch
with you for some cuddle time. Wally is a happy boy who always has a smile on his face. He is an easy boy to have around. Wally is anxiously
waiting for a family to call his own. If you are looking for a new best friend, Wally might be your guy!

Wally is UTD on routine shots, crate trained, and walks nicely on a leash.