The first step in the adoption process is to complete an adoption application:

  • Hi-light, copy, & paste the application into a word document
  • Complete and save it  
  • Send as an attachment to an email to:                                        

                               Fox Terrier Rescue-NE
                                Adoption Application

Please fill out this application carefully.  If all questions are not answered, it will not be processed. Fox Terrier Rescue
retains the right to deny your application at any time; completion of this application does not ensure approval for



Day Phone:
Evening Phone:
Cell Phone:

Spouse’s Occupation:

Adult family members age range: Under 25 (   ),  26-35 (   ), 36-45 (   ), 46-55 (   ), 56-65 (   ), 66-75 (   ), and beyond (   )

Life style:
Extremely Active
Moderately Active
Somewhat Active
Not Active

Are you:
Couple, not married
Live with parents

Do you have any children living in the home or are in the home on a regular basis?
If so, please give age(s)

Preference for Fox Terrier:
Age (range)-

Have you ever owned a fox terrier before?

Do you still have the dog or what happened to it?

Where/whom did you get your fox terrier?

If you haven’t owned a Fox Terrier before, have you ever spent any time with one?

How did you learn about Fox Terriers and why did you decide on this breed?

List any other pets or livestock:

What dogs have you owned previously and what happened to them?

For what reason(s) would you consider giving up your dog?

Have you or any immediate family members every surrendered a dog to a rescue group, humane society or animal shelter?

If yes, please explain the circumstances:

Has your ownership of a dog ever caused you to be in a court situation?
If yes, please explain:

Veterinary reference:
Telephone number:

Personal reference of someone who knows you and your current or past pets well (no relatives)
Telephone number:

Do you live in a house, apartment, duplex, or condo?

If you rent, what is your property owner’s name and phone number so we can verify that they approve of your having a pet in their
rental unit?
Phone number:

Do you have a fenced yard?

Do you have a swimming pool?
Is it separately fenced?

How often and for how long is there regularly no one at home?

Where would the dog be during those hours?

Where will the dog stay at night?

Who will care for dog on a regular basis?

Other persons in household besides those listed in question 1 who will have contact with dog:
Does this person approve of getting a dog?

On vacations, what would you do with the dog?

How will the dog get exercise?

Do you plan to do obedience training with the dog if he/she is not already trained?

How would you help your rescue Fox Terrier adapt to its new home?

How would you introduce it to your rules and expectations, including where and when to go outside?

Are you familiar with crate training?

Would you be willing to take a dog with:
Minor health conditions?
Minor behavioral issues?
House breaking issues/not house trained?
Separation anxiety?
Minor aggression-growling?
Moderate aggression-nipping?
Major aggression-biting?
Food and/or toy aggression?
Dog vs. dog aggression?
Dog vs. cat aggression?
Dog that pulls hard on a lead?
Running away?
Chasing animals?

All dogs must be spayed or neutered as part of the adoption process.  Are you willing to do this if not already been done?

When will you be ready to take possession of the dog?

Would you have a problem with a member of American Fox Terrier Rescue visiting your home?

Please tell us about yourself and your lifestyle so that we can match the right Fox Terrier to your home.


An adoption donation is required to help defray the many ongoing costs of rescuing and placing homeless Fox
Terriers. These costs include veterinary bills, spaying/neutering, medications, Frontline, Heartguard, dental work,
shelter fees, transportation, food, toys, treats, and other expenses.

Please return completed application to: