Adoption procedure:
  • completion of an application
  • phone interview
  • veterinary reference & personal references
  • home visit
  • adoption contract
  • adoption donation  
  • follow-up visits

Please make sure you meet ALL the adoption requirements listed below before completing an adoption
application. Please note we only place our fosters in the following states: NJ-PA-MA-CT-RI-NH-VT-ME-NY.


Adoption requirements:
  • fenced in yard (no electric/invisible fences)
  • children must be 10 or older
  • no other dogs
  • potential adopters must be at least 21 years old

1. The first step in the adoption process is completing an adoption application. If you are interested, I will gladly send one. Or, you may
complete an on-line
application and forward it to me ( Please make sure ALL questions are answered.
Applications that are incomplete, will not be processed.

2. After we review your application, we will call for a
phone interview. At this time, we will discuss any questions we may have, and to
answer your questions. Our goal is to place our fosters in the right home.  We consider all aspects of your family and lifestyle as well as
each dog's needs and background. Dogs are NOT placed on a first come/first serve basis.

3. We will then call your
personal and veterinary references. Please make sure you give your vet your approval for them to answer any
questions we may have.

4. When a potential match has been made, a
home visit will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. We will bring our foster to
visit. This will give us the chance to see how he/she reacts in your environment and for you to see if this is a dog you would like to adopt.
After the visit, we will bring the dog back home. In a few days, we will call you. At this time, we will discuss our and your thoughts about this
potential adoption. If we and you agree that this is a match, we will arrange transportation. If we do not think this is a match, it does not
mean we do not feel you are a good home.....just not the right home for this particular dog. The best family for that particular Fox Terrier is
chosen after an evaluation of all factors.

5. The new family will be asked to sign an
adoption contract and provide an adoption donation.  Donations are applied towards the
many costs involved in foster care (vet bills, medications, spay/neuter, dental care, food, transportation, treats, bedding, toys,
leashes/collars, etc.)  All dogs are up to date on shots, heartworm prevention and Frontline. They are also spayed/neutered and groomed.

6. Fox Terrier Rescue will make routine
follow-up visits (either phone, email or in person) to assure that the forever home be successful
and to resolve any questions before they become problems. All new adopters agree to return the dog to Fox Terrier Rescue if any
conditions prevent them from keeping their adopted dog.